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a web design team unified by our desire to see web design done properly.

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Small Business Website Design Since 2008

StartDev is a web design team unified by our desire to see web design done properly.

With the accessibility of internet technology, everyone and their dog can have a website. Awesome. But… most people don’t know the basics of web development – including some web developers. Not so awesome…  

Fortunately, StartDev is here to change the game!

Founded in 2008 by web developer Scott King, StartDev is a team of freelance web experts specialising in small business website design. We help you build your brand and online presence in a realistic, affordable and data driven way to ensure that you see results. We create websites that make your business look and feel professional, deliver exceptional content to your audience, and flourish in your industry.

Our diverse skill sets allow us to provide a comprehensive and complete package of creating fully functional, engaging and profitable websites, minus the costs of large development teams. We provide a full stack approach to designing, building, writing content, creating graphics and marketing our client’s online and offline brands.

All of this is delivered with impeccable quality of customer service. Allow us to dispel the stress as we walk you through setting up a website that will boost your business. We’re good like that.

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Scott KingFounder

A typical techy. Scott has been building websites, online applications and pushing SEO and marketing from his bedroom since he was 16. Over 10 years later, he has worked for multiple leading domain registrars and hosting companies across the UK. When he is not coding he loves spending time with his two children and stepping away from the screens, getting back into nature.

Morwenna GouldProject Manager

A Project manager Morwenna is in charge of the day to day running of the company and ensuring that all customers projects are handled smoothly and to spec. In her spare time, Morwenna enjoys turning off all electrical devices and meditating whilst the world goes by.

Max FletcherContent Manager

Max is our content manager. With skills in content writing, editoring and graphic designer, he likes to keep himself business traveling the beautiful planet. Originally from Yorkshire, he has currently settled in the (only slightly more) magical land of Cambodia.

Eugene Lotriet Graphic Designer

 Original from south Africa, but now living in the UK, Eugene has been providing graphical design both online and offline for years. He has worked with major companies from Africa and the UK helping them with logo design, advertising material (business cards, posters, even giant billboards) and web design. When he isn’t creating and optimising images, you’ll usually find him with a glass of whiskey, a good book and stroking a cat (in the style of a true villain).

Ayesha KingUX Tester

Click, Click, Click…. Ayesha loves to click around the web and hates to see errors or companies making it difficult. With a keen eye for detail and the ability to break anything, she keeps our team on their toes when testing your sites from your customers prospective.

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