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Website Design

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At StartDev we pride ourselves on making websites that work! That doesnt just mean they load, instead it means we build websites with our customers needs in mind and make the website work for the business to maximise brand awareness, customers engagment and sales.

Website Maintenance

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An up to date website is a happy website. Websites need updating regularly for security, relevance and marketing. Let us take care of your website every month and avoid it turning into a smelly stale mess.

Green Marketing

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Green Marketing is the process of selling product or services that have environmental benefits. We work with many clients who make a conscious effort to better the world. We specialise in the LOHAS industry and have extensive experience in marketing to the LOHAS community.

Eco-friendly Hosting

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We partner with GreenGeeks to provide eco-friendly and sustainable web hosting. For every amperage their data center pulls from the grid they invest 3 times back in the form of renewable engery. Make your website carbon-reducing, knowing that your hosting has been purposfully built to be as engery efficient as possible.

Content Creation

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LOHAS businesses, say aloha to our content creation services. Not only do we design and host websites but we also have specialists content creators in the LOHAS community. We have previously written articles, descriptions, blogs, courses and more for many businesses within the LOHAS industry. With multiple degrees ranging from sports science to biomechanics we have a wealth of knowledge and researching abilities to be able to deliver accurate and engaging content to your clients.

Social Engagement

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Social media has billions of users from all over the globe and is a great place to advertise products and services. What is usually missed in regards to the importance of social media marketing is the wide possiblilty of brand awareness and education. Many people don’t know they need your product as they are yet to find the cause of their problem. We have worked with many of our clients to provide a brand awareness and educational campaign on social media platforms that opens the door to a whole new range of potential clients.


What People Are Saying

I was looking for a freelance web designer when I came across StartDev. They were really professional and my website was up in just a couple of weeks. Couldn’t be happier! 

Ayesha Gould

Personal Trainer

Knowledgeable, helpful and to the point. I love my new WordPress website. I couldn’t ask for more.

Rachel Graham

Spiritual Leader

I cant thank startdev enough! My business website was in dire need of a refresh. I now have the fanciest business website in my industry!

Max DuBois

Content Writer and Marketer

Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! I don’t always cry, but when I do, it’s because of wordpress web design. Thankfully I now have you!

Ada Leonard

Freelancer Marketer

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